FISU Web Games (FWG) is an innovative program for engaging university students through online competitions. As a result of a contract signed between the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and the Brazilian company Virtual Promotions, the program establishes 30 years of investments for the management of an interactive platform of communication and events among university students.

FISU is the only federation at global level to seal, organize and promote official sports competitions among university students on five continents, reaching 190 affiliated countries. The university sport nowadays includes lots of Olympic and non-Olympic modalities in specific championships, being the largest one the Universiade, organized every two years in summer and winter editions.

The first edition of FISU Web Games in 2017 follow the consolidation of digital media and the electronic sports market and places FISU at the center of the discussions of innovation and modernization that guide youth.

Guided by the same values ​​of university sports, Virtual Promotions was founded in 2000 by professionals of the brazilian television industry. Virtual Promotions owns the exclusive rights to the organization and promotion of FISU WEB GAMES worldwide, and believes that the program will stimulate the development and consolidation of the electronic game production industry, boosting the creative and entertainment industry, fostering the exchange of ideas and identification of talents among universities around the world.

Besides the FISU eSports World University League (ESWUL), the ongoing eletronic sports competition, the FWG program will hold several knowledge challenges and academic contests, scheduled to begin in 2018.